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The Stupid Bet - Liga 2020/21
Imagine you having always bet, from the beginning of the championship, on the victory of your favorite team (or any team ...) regardless of where they would have played and the chances of victory. A real stupid bet, you will think! But how much would this strategy have returned? We asked ourselves..., and so For each team we have calculated the budget following this game methodology...and the results were surprising.
To calculate the budgets we have imagined to bet always 1 euro per match. The odds used are the average odds developed by Betbrain website.

Here we always bet on the victory of the same team.

Cadiz 59.203856%
Granada 53.823842%
Sevilla 44.053816%
Atl. Madrid 42.513812%
Real Madrid 41.893810%
Celta Vigo 40.67387%
Betis 36.8938-3%
Barcelona 35.0538-8%
Levante 34.5538-9%
Osasuna 32.3038-15%
Alaves 32.2838-15%
Real Sociedad 32.1938-15%
Valencia 31.9838-16%
Elche 30.3038-20%
Villarreal 29.6638-22%
Ath. Bilbao 28.8738-24%
Eibar 24.0238-37%
Getafe 22.5138-41%
Huesca 19.2038-49%
Valladolid 17.1038-55%

Here we have always bet on the defeat of the same team.

Barcelona 50.553833%
Eibar 48.453827%
Getafe 47.843826%
Alaves 38.58382%
Real Madrid 38.00380%
Ath. Bilbao 37.97380%
Granada 37.2538-2%
Valladolid 36.8738-3%
Huesca 36.8438-3%
Sevilla 36.1238-5%
Villarreal 31.6238-17%
Valencia 31.2738-18%
Osasuna 30.9938-18%
Real Sociedad 30.4538-20%
Elche 30.1238-21%
Cadiz 29.3138-23%
Levante 29.2538-23%
Celta Vigo 26.2138-31%
Betis 25.1538-34%
Atl. Madrid 16.2038-57%

Here we always bet on the draw of the same team

Levante 52.503838%
Valladolid 52.453838%
Villarreal 48.953829%
Valencia 46.353822%
Elche 45.603820%
Huesca 44.853818%
Ath. Bilbao 42.453812%
Eibar 42.003811%
Cadiz 40.65387%
Barcelona 40.63387%
Real Sociedad 39.40384%
Real Madrid 38.35381%
Alaves 37.2538-2%
Osasuna 37.1038-2%
Celta Vigo 36.5538-4%
Betis 36.1038-5%
Getafe 34.4038-9%
Atl. Madrid 28.4538-25%
Granada 23.3038-39%
Sevilla 18.8338-50%

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